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Group held risk management knowledge training
Comprehensive risk management system in order to establish a sound group of companies to strengthen credit risk management, and enhance their ability to prevent credit risk, to further deepen staff awareness of risk prevention, to improve employee Wind management knowledge. 7 to 8 March, the company held risk management knowledge training.
At the meeting, Zhang Ying-jian Deputy General Manager made ​​training to mobilize report. Zhang, vice president for enterprise to participate in the risk management knowledge training to make four points: First, fully understand the importance and necessity of learning and training; correctly grasp the relationship between risk management and enterprise management system;-depth understanding of risk management and long-term; Fourth, based on their own, with the help of external forces and work together to risk management. CMN Risk Management Department Fengbao Sheng, general manager of the CMN risk management organizational structure, credit risk, market risk, and warehousing and logistics risk management conducted a comprehensive introduction. CMN Risk Management Department of the online risks specific budget and risk management reports of the talks. Huaxia D & B Beijing sand into the manager explain credit risk management theory, Group credit risk management system, the RIM system operation training.
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