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Minmetals discipline inspection team leader Li Xinli research to guide his party come to group companies

On the afternoon of March 11, member of the Party Committee of China Minmetals Corporation, the discipline inspection team leader Li Xinli, assistant to the president of China Minmetals Corporation, Minmetals Non-ferrous Metals Co., Ltd., general manager of Jiao Jian and his 9 to visit Jiangxi Tungsten Industry Group Co.company research to guide the production and operation of the national "two sessions", the safe maintenance of stability and the work of party building.
Jiangxi Tungsten Group Co., Ltd., general manager of Zou Fen, party secretary Wang Lixin Li head of his party reported on the basic situation of the company, the the security stability work, the work of party building, and the proposal and experience. Lee, head after listening to the reports, Jiangxi Tungsten established nine years to get good results and in the national "two sessions" during the implementation of effective measures to fully affirmed. The leader Li pointed out that this year's situation is complicated task indicators, the task is to grit your teeth, and carry out production, efficiency catch up, earnestly carry out the work of the security, stability maintenance, enterprise party . To go all out to catch the production, do everything possible to expand the market, strengthen risk control management, and effectively protect the completion of the annual production and operation tasks; appropriate to increase the safety input, improve the working conditions, and eliminate security risks, especially to do a good job of outsourced engineering team safety education and skills upgrading, and effectively protect safe production; to further strengthen the comprehensive management of social management, always pay attention to people's livelihood, to resolve the instability factors, and effectively protect the harmony and stability; must conscientiously implement the party's 18 spirit, conscientiously carry out the mass line of educational practice, vigorously strengthen the work style of cadres and party members the day-to-day management, the fully organizations fighting force and members of the vanguard and exemplary role. Lee, head of hope Jiangxi Tungsten Group Co., inherit and carry forward the fine tradition and redouble their efforts to achieve better results in the new year.
Group leaders Zhang Ying-jian, Wang Weidong, Xu Yixiang and departments concerned attended the briefing.

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