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Group Company held middle-level cadres to adjust the collective talk sessions

Spring to the south, green grass and flowers. On April 8, the company held floor conference room in this Part 21 middle-level cadres to adjust the collective talk sessions. Zou Fen General Manager made an important speech at the meeting, party secretary Wang presided over the meeting and announced that the middle-level cadres appointment and removal decisions, the Commission for Discipline Inspection Wang Weidong, secretary for the speech of the ICAC, Group company other leaders, adjust to changes in the middle-level cadres attended the meeting.
Zou pointed out that the adjustment of cadres changes in Group companies proceed from the overall situation of reform and development, standing on the overall and strategic perspective, to strengthen the building of leading cadres, optimize the structure of the leadership team, selection of outstanding young talent in the basis of the annual evaluation of cadres , combined with the cadres and the actual management of the group companies, overall, serious study to make a careful decision.
Review Group was established nine years, results, analysis of the situation and tasks facing, Zou on behalf of the Group party administration, the newly appointed cadres seven requirements: First, their ideals and faith, to become the vanguard of a clear-cut political; to focus on learning enhancement, vying for progressive learning model; Third, we must strengthen the capacity-building, to become excellent management model of the performance of their duties; Fourth, we should devote themselves to General business, to become the outstanding performance of the work of state-of-the-art; Fifth, we must strengthen the work style, to become high-minded moral model; Sixth, we must do a good job of unity and cooperation, to become an example of harmonious working cooperation; Seventh, we must build a strong anti-defense, to become law-abiding corruption set an example. Zou Zongxi Hope cadres at all levels, especially the new serving officers fail in their mission, the great trust, with responsibility, with the pursuit of fiery passion, with high morale, pragmatic style and image of honest and dedicated work, to show a new look in the new position, create new achievements, with practical actions to the organization, to turn in a satisfactory answer to the masses.
Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection Wang Weidong in accordance with the central, provincial, provincial SASAC of the relevant provisions of the newly promoted leading cadres honest conversation, on behalf of the Group of Discipline of the new office of the middle-level cadres collective honest conversation, the request for a new tenure cadres to enhance learning, improve the importance of honesty and self-awareness; Second, we must strictly enforce the leading cadres of the provisions, re-conduct, set a good example; Third, we must Lian-oriented, and manage their; Fourth, we need to stand up to it defensible section; 5 To properly treat and use of power, and effectively strengthen their self-cultivation.
The new office of the China Nonferrous Metals Import and Export Jiangxi, general manager of training the Hongmei, the Jiangxi Dajishan tungsten Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager of the Xiaoguang Bin made a stand to speak at the meeting, the determination of duty in the new position, to lead the cadres and workers of good governance create excellent results repay the organization's trust and expectations of the masses.
Wang, secretary of hope in his concluding remarks, cadres at all levels, especially the new cadres serving the adjustment as exercise, to improve their good opportunity, as an important milestone for the value of life. I hope you do a good job in the continuity of work into the role as soon as possible, pay close attention to the work. I hope we have to seize the day, promising mental state, General business, work style of unity and struggle, more learning, more exercise, to improve, to become "learning" model, a model of the "General", "clean" model, and strive to make some worthy organization worthy of the masses of workers, new performance worthy of the history in their own life respondents draw heavy sum, leaving strive for in Jiangxi Tungsten construction excellence responsibility harmonious journey solid footprints

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