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Statement for the raw material procurement

Date4th Jan. 2013


             Procurement Policy

Jiujiang Tanbre Co. Ltd .is a professional smelter for the Tantalum and Niobium who belongs to Jiangxi Tungsten Group Corp. Limited, and is one of TIC members, the companys main products are Tantalum and Niobium Oxide , Carbide ,the metal mill products and the Rare Earth Phosphor powder  etc.

Jiujiang Tanbre Corp. Ltd. establish the non-conflict raw material procurement and traceability system to catch the UN and OECD etc.international organizations requirement of forbidding the conflict area raw material to enter into the electronic industry supply chain , carrying out the training for relative policies and regulations to ensure all the employees to understand the meaning of conflict area raw material, in the meantime, fully support the CFS program proposed by EICC-GESI. The detail measures are as below:

1,Jiujiang Tanbre strictly obey the law, value the human right, do our best to maintain the social stable and the local prosperous, and make the contributions to develop the using of resources by peaceful, reasonable and sustainable.

2Establish the Tantalum contained raw material procurement policy and publicity to all the employees, asking the company buyers to follow this policy strictly to purchase the material.

3, Improve the procurement procedure: for the Ta contained raw material procurement, require to identify and assess the risks in the supply chain, first need to choose the reputable and responsible lawful sellers as our eligible suppliers which to be audited annually, in case they are found not to be able to provide the supporting source documents within the stipulated time, then these suppliers will be disqualified to supply the Ta raw material; secondly we ask for all the source documents as per the CFS required, the sources from different levels countries will require different documents; finally, we will only purchase the iTSCi bag tagged material for the raw material from DRC and its adjoining nine counties to prevent the conflict area raw material to enter into our supply chain

4,Improve the System of non-conflict area raw material purchasing and traceability controlling and inner management system and the record system, we perform the inner audit for the purchased raw material documents every half a year, if there is any incompliance items found, then require to rectify and correct them, to ensure the purchased raw material is compliance and legitimate, this way we can guarantee the Ta raw material is traceable and non-conflict on the system

5,Strictly obey the international and internal shipment rules

6, Value the recycle for the Tantalum material. We cooperate with the customers and other Tantalum Niobium endusers to make the legal source Tantalum and Niobium secondary materials recycled and make the green Tantalum and Niobium raw material to be used circularly ;

7, Implement widely the public communication policy and strictly employees training system, to make all the employees including the senior managers to understand the OECD Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Supply Chains of Minerals from Conflict-Affected and High-Risk Areas by the company internal training and relative meeting, internet publicity, posters etc., in the meantime, also inform the upstream and downstream customers and the public on the companys conflict mineral policy.


This procurement policy and standard of behavior will be on publicity on the official website and Jiujiang Tanbre would like to accept the examination and verification from any customers or international organizations.


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