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Annual Due diligence report for Tantalum source in 2016

Jiujiang Tanbre Co. Ltd. (JJTC) is a professional smelter for Tantalum and Niobium,a subsidiary companyof Jiangxi Tungsten Group Corp.Limited, Full TIC and iTSCImembers, the company’smain products are Tantalum and Niobium Oxide , Carbide ,the metal mill products and the Rare Earth Phosphor powder etc.


  Jiujiang Tanbre Co. Ltd. was established in 1968 to mate Tantalumand Niobium sourcesfrom their sister company Yichun Tantalum and NiobiumMine, and startedthe production in 1981,JJTC joined and became TIC full membership in 2001 and in Septemberof   2012 JJTC applied for the iTSCI full member and gotten approved,JJTC passed the EICC audit in September of 2013as compliance with EICC/GeSITantalum validation protocol for the first time and thenget approved again in the similar time on the following years,and  2016 annual CFS audit was made in the end of Novemberand we are waiting for the information from EICC soon.


  JJTC obeys and follows all the national and international laws and stipulations such as the OECD, UN, EICC-GeSI etc., also established conflict free mineral policy – purchasing policy and the statementfor the raw material procurement and publishedthem on the company web site, and intergrated into the company’s routine management system which occupies the same important position together with the company’s Quality management system, Environment management system, Occupation and Health and Safety system, from these policies,JJTC strongly opposes the purchasing from the conflicted areaand the illegalarmed group and makes the managementsystem such as the employee’s training, notification of the suppliersand customers on the conflicted mineral policy, make the due diligence to all rawmaterial sources etc.,also JJTC makes therelative program documents such as the purchasing procedure, suppliers management stipulations, raw material traceable stipulations, supply chain risk control managementstipulations, transportation management stipulations, etc and requiresthe management systems to complywith these stipulations to control the source risks, and makes the improvements on thesedocuments every year to meet thenew situations.


  JJTC appointed the senior manager to organize the risk assessment and the company’s CEOalso pays abundant attentions  the risks controlprocess and often reminds the companyemployees for the importance ofthe risk assessment and make therelative training accordingly everyyear.


  JJTC also purchasesthe Tantalum contained rawmaterial all over the worldbesides her sister company, JJTCprocurement requiresto follow the CFSI-CFSP audit protocol details for Tin and Tantalum dated on November26th. 2013 revision stipulations or the new editions if there is for the purchasing, if the material from the level 1 and 2 countries, then need to visit the mine site or processing site to assessthe real capability of production if the conditions allowed, and for the level 3countries, the company insists on the purchasing of iTSCi tag-bag raw materialand the exportersmust be the iTSCi membership as well, for the level 3 countriesmines information, it mainly depends on the iTSCi mine baseline data, and also reads the iTSCi monthly report, iTSCi data summary and often pays attention on the news from iTSCi,in the meantime, JJTC try to investigate the minerals information from the Tantalum and Niobium industry aswell.



  JJTC supervises the supply chain risks, JJTC makes the declarationto their suppliers for reminding them not to get involved in the conflicted minerals and statingclearly to their suppliers to refuse any of illegal material enter into the company’ssupply chain, also for the company’scustomers JJT informs themthat the company don’tpurchase any conflicted minerals and fills all the EICC template tables as per their downstream customer’s requirement.


  JJTC has been audited by CFSI for four years andpays abundant attentions on all audit process, the company had sent relative persons attended  the EICC-GeSI  CONFLICT-FREE  MINERALS SUPPLY  CHAIN WORKSHOP  tolearn more about the new policies and understand the importance for the conflict-free minerals, also keepsfollowing the EICC’s eLearning Academy in order to understanding some new requirements. JJTC cooperates actively with EICC for any of audit process to show the company riskcontrols process.


  JJTC makes the annual due diligencereport and publish it on the web to allow allthe parties to supervisethe company’s job.


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